Foster Eco Pro G2

You know the importance of excellence.
You are judged on the quality of your food and service.
Customer satisfaction is everything, and we can help you deliver that to the best possible standard.
A fridge shouldn’t just store chilled food – it should preserve every last ounce of food quality, after all it is fresh and tasty ingredients that create incredible food.
Ensure your food gets the best treatment with the Foster EcoPro G2.
EcoPro G2 Cabinets are built to out perform and out last other products.
Their combination of cutting edge refrigeration technology, low running costs and reliability make them the first choice for the foodservice professional.
Every stage from design, manufacture, cabinet running costs, right through to recycling is focused on saving you money whilst at the same time saving miles and miles worth of carbon emissions but never compromising on our commitment to food safety.
Meet your sustainability targets and reduce your running costs with the energy efficient, low carbon, cheap to run EcoPro G2 range.
The Eco Pro G2 range has tall single and double fridges and freezers in its range

Foster Prep Tables

Foster's Prep Table range offers professional preparation at a value-for-money price point, designed to meet your budget.
The competitively priced Foster Prep Table range combines under counter storage with easy access to pans in the worktop making it ideal for food preparation.
Foster Prep Tables come in various sizes to suit all needs from 2 doors under prep table to 5 doors.

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