Clenaware Systems unique approach to glasswashing is evident in the constrution and design of the Sovereign Mk5 Glasswashers


Clenaware Sovereign 45 and 50 Glasswashers

Fresh Water Wash
The Sovereign Glasswasher is a "Fresh Water Wash" machine which means the first wash is exactly the same as the last. The "Fresh Water Wash" system replaces the water every time, and what’s more, the rinse water is always fresh to ensure that you obtain the same consistent result every time.

Plastics Wash Cycle
The Sovereign Glasswasher has a dedicated "Plastics Wash Cycle" designed for washing plastic/polycarbonate glasses. The "Plastics Wash Cycle" adopts the correct washing process for plastics and therefore results in a much better wash; it also helps to pro-long the life span of plastic glasses.

Dedicated Renovate Cycle
The Sovereign Glasswasher has a dedicated "Renovate Cycle" for renovating glasses. This cycle removes the build up of non-rinsable films to make glasses like new again. The dedicated "Renovate Cycle" is unique to Clenaware machines, as it can be run at any time without the need for emptying and re-filling of the machine.