Maidaid offer 2 ranges of Icemaker - The Maidaid range and the Halcyon Range


The Halcyon Range

Designed and built to give you the very best value for money.
We are pleased to announce the introduction ot the Halcyon Range of Icemakers.
Designed and built to give you the very best value for money.
These superb icemakers, are competitively priced and manufactured to the highest standards.
When you’re looking for the best performance for ice, Halcyon is the star act.
Performance and speed – one of those perfect combinations, like the finest malt whisky with just the right amount of slow-melting ice cubes.
The new Halcyon range of Icemakers from Maidaid Halcyon has all the features you would expect from a premier range of icemakers–except the premier price tag.
And with a range that has storage capacities from 8kg to 65kg, together with a production capacity of up to130kg every 24hours, there is the perfect model for the smallest bar and the largest busy hotel or pub.
Halcyon Range

ICE 25
25kg / 24 hours - Storage Capacity / 8kg

ICE 35
35kg / 24 hours - Storage Capacity / 15kg

ICE 45
45kg / 24 hours - Storage Capacity / 18kg

ICE 60
60kg / 24 hours - Storage Capacity / 30kg

ICE 80
80kg / 24 hours - Storage Capacity / 40kg

ICE 130
130kg / 24 hours - Storage Capacity / 65kg


The Maidaid Range

Here you will find information on our superb range of automatic ice making machines providing various size cubes or flakes.  The Maidaid-Halcyon icemaker range offers both floor standing cabinets and modular ice cube makers for larger operation ice requirements.
The range includes the following:
M22-5, M30-10, M34-16, M42-16, M50-25, M65-40, M90-55, M130-65 & M155-65
Unique spray system technology minimizes scaling and produces seperate, crystal clear, slow melting ice cubes.
WRC regulations compliant.
Non toxic, fully insulated, easy clean storage bins made from tough ABS plastic.
Extra low temperatures allow ice cubes to last longer (minus 25*C).
Adjustable feet.
Environmentally friendly refrigerant - R404A.

Maidaid Range

21kg / 24 hours - Storage Capacity / 5kg

28kg / 24 hours - Storage Capacity / 10kg

34kg / 24 hours - Storage Capacity / 16kg

42kg / 24 hours - Storage Capacity / 16kg

48kg / 24 hours - Storage Capacity / 25kg

65kg / 24 hours - Storage Capacity / 40kg

90kg / 24 hours - Storage Capacity / 55kg

130kg / 24 hours - Storage Capacity / 65kg

155kg / 24 hours - Storage Capacity / 65kg