The Clenaware TD50 Dishwashers meet the requirements of BS2745 (Washer-Disinfectors for medical purposes) and in line with the recommendations of HTM2030. The Clenaware TD50 offes a solution to the use of chemical disinfectants for the effective disinfection of glasses, crockery and cutlery.

Designed For Health Care
The TD50 Thermal Disinfection Dishwasher has been designed and built for the Health Care sector. The TD50 is a Thermal Disinfection machine that provides the most hygienic wash to all crockery and utensils. With the "Fresh Water Wash" system it means you obtain the same results every time the machine is used.

Fresh Water Wash
The TD50 Dishwasher is a "Fresh Water Wash" machine which means the first wash is exactly the same as the last. The “Fresh Water Wash” system replaces the water every time, and what’s more, the rinse water is always fresh to ensure that you obtain the same consistent result every time.

Integrated Design
The TD50 Dishwasher is designed to be a fully integrated machine with everything that you need built into it. The TD50 includes a rinse booster pump, a waste pump and chemical injection and sensing, it also includes a built-in self diagnostics system and is WRAS approved.

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