Winterhalter UC Range

UC machine features:
With the multitude of developments and technical innovations Winterhalter ensures maximum performance and perfect, hygienic washing results.

Washwater filtration:
Fourfold wash water filtration system with turbidity sensor:
All dirt particles get filtered out – from big to tiny.
Wash water is kept constantly clean.
No need to change the water during the working day, Saves water and energy.

Optimum pressure for wash items:
Lower pressure for fragile ware.
Higher pressure for robust ware.
Perfect washing result.
Glasses are handled gently.

Touch Screen:
Intuitive handling.
Language-independent symbols and animations.
PIN protection– chef level and service technician level.
Hygiene and Operations Log.

Responsible, considerate communicator:
It also checks itself and keeps the staff up to date on its condition through visual and acoustic signals.
Faults are quickly identified and remedied.
Saves having to repeat the glasswashing cycle.

Ease of Service:
All parts relevant for maintenance are very easily accessible.
Comprehensive error management.
High-quality materials and components.

Patented circulating air heat recovery system pre-heats the cold feed water by means of vapour extraction.
Since opening the glasswasher door allows almost no hot, damp water vapour to escape.
Saves valuable energy.
Room atmosphere improves.

Available in 4 sizes - Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large

With adjusted components for the wash process in particular, pressure, time, detergent and temperature - the UC Series guarantees always hygienically clean glasswashing results and conserves the glasses at the same time.

Elliptical Washing Field:
The new elliptical washing field ensures full coverage dishwashing power that overcomes even stubborn dirt.
Floating particles, such as fruit flesh and coffee grounds, are efficiently eliminated by the fourfold wash water filtration system with soiled water sensor.
VarioPower controls the water pressure in every washing programme – the stability of fragile glasses is also ensured. This way, fine wine glasses get just as clean at low pressure as robust beer mugs at high pressure.
Less Glass Abrasion:
Adequate washing and rinsing temperatures, different water pressures depending on the programme, and precise detergent dosing ensure that your glasses will last a long time.
Special Solutions:
The Cool design rinses the glasses with cold water. This saves waiting times and ensures a stable beer head.
The reduced tank and boiler temperatures of the ReTemp Version ensure that cool glasses are ready to use in a short time and simultaneously reduces running costs by 16%.